What are the PFAS levels in fertilizer and other soil products coming onto the Island?

We know biosolid-based fertilizers often contain some level of detectable PFAS.4 Recent studies found that fertilizer products generally had higher PFAS concentrations than soil amendments containing biosolids, such as co-compost. However, fertilizers are typically added in smaller amounts than soil amendment products, suggesting that PFAS levels in bulk soil is lower when using fertilizers than when using soil amendment products. FAQ #9 includes actions you can take to reduce exposure to PFAS from fertilizers and soil amendments, including co-compost.

According to the Water Environment Federation, one’s exposure to PFAS from biosolids is unlikely and small. Risk Assessments from many states show that direct contact, breathing in, or ingestion (eating) of typical biosolids (such as residuals on grown vegetables) do not pose a significant health risk. - Water Environment Federation, Biosolids Communication Toolkit (https://www.wef.org/globalassets/assets-wef/3---resources/topics/a-n/biosolids/biosolids-communications-toolkit.pdf)

Cited Reference

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5. What are the PFAS levels in fertilizer and other soil products coming onto the Island?
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