What is a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut Permit?

A curb cut is a dip in a sidewalk and curb that enables a vehicle to drive to a driveway, garage, parking lot, loading dock or drive-through. Before beginning a curb cut project, the Department of Public Works (DPW) must approve the proposed plans to confirm that the design meets safety and zoning requirements – and then issue a work permit.

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1. What is a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut Permit?
2. Who needs a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut permit?
3. What requirements must a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut permit?
4. Safety
5. How long does the curb cut permit process take?
6. Permit Cost and Duration
7. Who can answer specific questions regarding the curb cur permit process?