Who needs a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut permit?

A driveway access permit is required to construct, modify, or use a driveway that connects to a public road. The purpose of this permit is to regulate and ensure safe and efficient access to the public road. Anyone wanting to make or change a cut in the curb of the street, such as in constructing, moving, or removing a driveway must first obtain a permit from the Town of Nantucket. The placement of curb cuts can have significant impacts on the safety and quality of life of the surrounding neighborhood. The Town will review each permit application with due consideration to the applicant’s desire for the curb cut and public welfare.

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1. What is a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut Permit?
2. Who needs a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut permit?
3. What requirements must a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut permit?
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