What requirements must a Driveway Access/Curb-Cut permit?
  • Your driveway must meet the Town’s requirements, Code of the Town of Nantucket. § 139-20.1.  
  • If your driveway does not meet Town regulations, you may request a SPECIAL PERMIT.  
  • Determine whether your property is within the Historic District of the Town of Nantucket. If so, you must request to have your driveway vetted by the Historic District Commission (HDC) and receive a (CoA). 
  • Also, if the driveway will remove or affect street parking, the Traffic Safety Work Group (TSWG) will need to review your application. If accepted, the TSWG will forward your case to the Select Board for a final ruling.  
  • If a curb cut will eliminate a legal parking space, approval from the SELECT BOARD is required. 
  • Technical drawing, schematic or a plot plan with dimensions showing proposed improvements must be attached. Site must be marked prior to inspection. 
  • If you are excavating the Licensed Excavator will submit OPENING & BLOCKING permit on behalf of their client 
  • If the excavator is not licensed have them apply for EXCAVATION LICENSE 
  • Any granite or stone curing removed shall be returned to DPW, please call 508-228-7244 Ext. 0 to make arrangements. (24hr notice is required) 
  • Drainage improvements associated with the installation of the driveway on the subject property are the sole responsibility of the property owner. 
  • To apply fill out the Curb Cut/Driveway Access permit 


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