What is visitor services?
Officially our name is the Nantucket Visitor Services and Information Bureau. We are the information bureau and also a department of the Town of Nantucket. The office maintains a daily list of room availability, open restaurants, menus, maps, tour info, boat schedules, flyers, and other pamphlets helpful for your stay on Nantucket.

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1. Where is Nantucket?
2. How do you get to Nantucket?
3. Where is visitor services?
4. What is visitor services?
5. Is visitor services open year round?
6. How does visitor services get its annual budget?
7. How many people live on Nantucket?
8. Where are the best beaches?
9. Do I need car on Nantucket?
10. Will I find the information that I am looking for if I walk into, or call, your office?