How can I find lodging on the island?
With the help of the Nantucket Lodging Association, visitor services maintains a daily list of lodging availability. Each morning and throughout the day, members of the Nantucket Lodging Association call in to list all their available rooms.

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1. How can I find lodging on the island?
2. I am coming to Nantucket today or tomorrow and have not made room reservations can I call visitor services to find a room?
3. I have arrived by ferry or airplane, but do no t have a room reservation, what should I do?
4. I would like to come for a holiday weekend or for a particular festival in a few weeks or months, does visitor services know who has room availability at that time?
5. I want to stay for one night. Every place I call wants a 2 or 3 night minimum, but they all tell me to call visitor services, why?
6. If visitor services is closed how can I find a room?
7. Does visitor services make room reservations?
8. Can visitor services recommend or rate any lodging establishment over another?
9. What is the Nantucket Lodging Association?