Why do we need a sidepath on Wauwinet Road?

In 1977, the Town developed a master plan for bicycle facilities (shown in the map below). Residents and planners had the foresight to recognize the value of separating bicycles and pedestrians from vehicular traffic along Wauwinet Road, which has numerous twists, turns, and grade changes. While the vision for walking and bicycling for the island has flourished with the development of numerous paths, the need to address nonmotorists’ safety remains on Wauwinet Road. Beyond safety, Wauwinet Road facilitates access between the northeast corner of the island—encompassing beautiful beaches and conservation land—and the island’s core. These assets generate significant travel demand for nonmotorists and motorists alike. Separating nonmotorists from the vehicular travel path will improve convenience for all road users.


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1. What is a sidepath?
2. Why do we need a sidepath on Wauwinet Road?
3. How much will the sidepath cost and how is it being funded?
4. So who’s managing this project—federal government or local government?
5. What’s happening right now and what’s the project timeline moving forward? Can we push the tempo a bit?
6. Where can I see the design on the path?
7. Will this project be implemented all at once? Or will it be phased?
8. Will this path impact conservation land and/or wetlands?
9. I am excited about this project/have concerns about this project? How can I be involved?
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