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1. How do we get approval for work allowed under Emergency Order No. 8?
2. Who is responsible for enforcement?
3. Who can be a Covid-19 Officer?
4. I’m a caretaker, can I still work?
5. Can work be done on the construction of employee housing?
6. If an employee is afraid to return to work during the COVID-19 crisis for reasonable concerns, is he or she eligible for unemployment?
7. Are cleaning services allowed?
8. Are non-essential businesses allowed to open?
9. What is the maximum number of construction workers allowed per location if different projects for the same property (eg, working on a detached garage and in the house)?
10. What happens if one or more landscapers show up to a property at the same time that 6 construction workers are already on site?
11. What is the absolute maximum number of workers allowed on any property including the required Covid19 officer(s)?
12. Do I have to fill out an online application if I am a single contractor or landscaper?
13. If a homeowner (or property manager) has multiple projects going on at a property, is each project considered separate or is it one maximum amount per location and not project?
14. How do I increase the number of workers at an existing approved project? Can I automatically go to 6 workers plus the Covid officer or do I have to reapply?