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2. Since the HDC is meeting on Zoom, do I still need to submit paper applications like before?
3. How do I submit a New Business HDC application?
4. How do I submit an Old Business Application?
5. How do I submit a Staff Approval?
6. Where can I find the checklists?
7. Will I be able to send any supporting documents, including pictures before or during the meeting?
8. Where can I find the meeting dates and deadlines?
9. How do I find out what meeting my application will be reviewed?
10. How do I submit a Sign application?
11. Do I have to attend the Sign Advisory Council meeting?
12. Are the Sconset Advisory Board and the Historic Structures Advisory Board meeting?
13. How do I know if my application has been approved?
14. When can I pick up my Certificate of Appropriateness?
15. Are you open to the Public?